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Basic Thread Lifting

Hanging point: when the elevating vector is walked and the holding point or part is hanging point strong, and the farther away from the elevating target, the dimples decrease, and as well as the continuous elevating effect, a long-lasting procedure can be performed.

Colossus tissue: according to the purpose and effect of the procedure, if the part colossus tissue where the thorn is directly classified and operated, it affects the lifting effect, side effects, maintenance period, and partial correction.

Fixation stability: the elevated tissue must be fixed and stabilized using a thorn thread
Fixation stability so that the elevated area is not awkward and natural, and the
Maintenance period can last a long time.

Anchoring-the point of support and strength


Retaining Ligament, Retinacula Cutis Fiber, SMAS, SubSMAS At what point the tissue that the thorns will walk will give.

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