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Basic Thread Lifting


Common Name: Barbed Thread, Cog Thread, Barb Thread
Ingredient: Pdo. Plla. Pcl,pca(Plla+pcl),pe,pp.(Pdo Is Mainly Used)
Thickness: 4-0 To 1-0
Length: 60mm~130mm(Cannula Type), 300mm~430mm(Chain Type)
Deformation: It Is Designed In Various Ways According To The Direction, Shape, Manufacturing Method, And Arrangement Method Of The Thorn.
Cannula: Sharp Needle, Blunt Needle, L-type, W-type, B-type

Discrimination point expressed
2. Technique of efficiently inserting the intended layer, direction, Length, and quantity

1) direct lifting by thorn
2) collagen formation by stem cell activity by increasing all stem
Cell growth factors (average 100 times/1 month)
Effect 3) new blood vessel generation and blood circulation by increasing

Vegf (vascular endothelial growth factor) improvement (1000 times
Increase/1 month)
4) cosmetically improves skin tone, whitening, elasticity, wrinkles, And complexion.

Side effect bruise: Edema. Inflammation. Actual exposure

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