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Basic Thread Lifting

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Common name: mesh. Multi. Nose thread. Silhouette. A-mesh

Ingredient: pdo. Plla. Pcl, ga+plla, pca(plla+pcl)
Thickness: 4-0 to 1-0. Depends on the shape of the molding.
Length: 38mm~185mm

Insertion mainly smas layer or target layer of interest
1. Use of static thread selection according to the goal to be

Discrimination point expressed
2, technique of efficiently inserting the intended layer, direction,

Length, and quantity
1) direct lifting by thorn
2) volume effect of thread itself
3) collagen formation by stem cell activity by increasing all stem

Effect cell growth factors

4) cosmetically improving skin tone, whitening, elasticity, wrinkles
And blood color

Side effect: bruise. Edema. Inflammation. Actual exposure

A: General barbed thread lifting. B: A combination of a two-way cog and a one-way cog, a design that re-hangs the end of the one-way nose with a reverse cog to strengthen the support point C: The most powerful support cannula insertion method

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