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Basic Thread Lifting


Common Name: Maeseon. Collagen Thread Lifting. Monofilament Thread Lifting

Ingredient: Pdo. Plla. (Pdo Is Mainly Used)
Thickness: 7-0 To 5-0
Length: 25mm~90mm
Deformation: Mono Depending On The Degree Of Twist And The Number Of Strands. Screw. Spring. Twist.double Twist. It Is Named In Various Ways Such As Multi.

It Is Mainly Inserted From The Bottom Of The Dermis To The Top Of The Insertion Smas, But In Some Cases It Is Put Under The Dermis.

The Degree Of Achieving Cosmetic Purposes While Minimizing

Discrimination Point: Bleeding, Bruising, And Swelling

Techniques To Efficiently Insert The Intended Layer, Direction, Length, And Amount
1) Lifting By Contraction Vector
2) Collagen Formation By Stem Cell Activity Due To Increase Of All
Stem Cell Growth Factors Effect

3) New Blood Vessel Generation And Improvement Of Blood Circulation By Increase Of Vegf (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor)
4) Fat Due To Eosinophil Increase Continuous Fat Breakdown Due To Increased Adrenaline Secretion In Cells


Side Effect: Bruise Edema Inflammation

Cost: 4 Million Or Less

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