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World First Patent Registered System I-STEM(Y-STEM)


I-STEM PRP(Y-STEM PRP) KIT, to prevent the kit from shaking during centrifugation Patented Anti-shake system for the first time in the world. When the kit is shaken, it is not possible to collect the concentrated platelets, So, Patented Anti-shake system is a cutting-edge core technology.

Gamma-ray sterilization processed |-STEM PRP(Y-STEM PRP) KIT is FDA CE
registered & KFDA approved safe product.


What is PRP ?
Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) is concentrated platelet cells taken from blood And, it has a lot of growth factors that help in the healing process of injuries.

What is Buffy Coat ?
Buffy coat contains most of the platelet and white blood cells after centrifugation.

P P P is not PRP
PLATELET RICH PLASMA must contain more than 1,000,000/ul platelet count.

Buffy Coat accounts for only 1% of total blood
The more P P P you include in PRP, the more mixture (alleged PRP) you may gain, However, it cannot be considered as PRP and has no effect for a treatment because its platelet density is low.



Slim Neck

It can show clearly buffy coat


Push Silicon

Just push up silicon with stick


Versatile Size

 Suitable size for all type of centrifuge (angle of swing type)


Safety Wings

Y-TYPE tube has at least 1 pair of safety wing that hold up the upper body of the tube which is bigger and heavier than the lower parts.
Safety wing prevent the tube from being broken while centrifugation.
Safety wing’s important role is to prevent tremble during centrifuge and help to get perfect Buffy coat.
It was Patent applied on 2009 and get registered 2013 in KOREA, CHINA, EUROPE, USA, INDIA, WOLED PATENT is processing by i-STEM.

Platelet Counting of KIT
PLT Counting of Blood Sample before/after PRP Separation

KITS are capable of 10 Times more concentrated platelet


  • No rejection, using autologous blood

  • Quick and simple procedure

  • No need to take an incision

  • The fundamental solution for improvement

  • Strong and long lasting effects


  1. Blood Gathering :
    Draw 2cc of anticoagulant(ACD-A) and 17cc blood in 20cc syringe

  2. Blood Gathering in the Tube :
    Put the gathered blood into Y-STEM tube

  3. Centrifugation :
    Separation the blood, by only single spin of centrifugation
    No Need of second centrifugation

  4. PRP Extraction :
    Extract 2~3cc of PRP in 3ml syringe



  • Dermatology :
    PRP + FNS (auto MTS)
    PRP + LASER Therapy
    PRP + Hyaluronic Acid Injection
    PRP – High Frequency Treatment
    PRP + HIFU

  • Orthopedic :
    Shoulder Pelvis
    Elbow Knee Wrist Ankle

  • Alopecia :
    PRP-Hair Transplantation

  • Plastic Surgery :
    PRP + Face lifting (EZ,ULTRA,TR,IT)
    PRP + Autologus Fat Graft
    PRP only

  • Ophthalmology :

i-stemy-stem-prp-system-1 (1).png
i-stemy-stem-prp-system5 (1).png
i-stemy-stem-prp-system3 (1).png
prdt01_img06-1 (1).jpg

inject blood into the kit

prdt01_img07-1 (1).jpg

Anti-shake even during high-speed centrifugation in angle and swing out type.

prdt01_img08-1 (1).jpg

Anti shake Plate / PATENT

When the kit shakes, fine cells are dispersed into plasma. At this time, the anti-shake plate prevents a fine shake, It makes it possible to collect highly concentrated Buffy coats, 7~9 times.

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