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Shining medihealer 250

Active ingredients: 

The active ingredients necessary for fibroblastic functional optimization in the dermis, such as hyaluronicacid, PDRN, vitamin, amino acid, mineral, coenzyme, nucleic acid, stem cell growth medium, etc. , are combined in the best mix ratio to vitalize the wrinkled, duli, and sagging skin by boosting core functions of cells and activating the regeneration,

Efficacy / Effect: Pillox help u have a quick white skin by the operation develops the Asian beauty line with the disire bright white skin


The injectable cell recovery with the solution developed after.

  • Steadily increasing market for skin regenerating cosmeceutical products with population aging trend.

    PILLOX preoccupying the new market as a new trend meso-therapy product

  • Matching the demand for regenerating cosmeceutical products, the new growth engine industry

    35-year history, excellence, and proven efficacy

  • Imported cosmetic product brand based on the medical device

    The first premium brand in Korea as a regenerating cosme-ceutical product


The composite substance combined with 43 active ingredients highly effective in regenerating cells.

  • Hyaluronic acid – Moisturization; PDRN (Sodium DNA) – Cell regeneration; Adenosine – Functional base material to reduce wrinkles; Niacinamide – Functional base material for whitening.

  • Collagen – Cellregeneration; Tranexamic Acid – Whitening; Ascorbic Acid – Wrinkle reduction; Glutathione – Whitening; Stem cell growth medium – Wrinkle reduction.

  • Other[peptide] contents; Creation ofidealskin cell environment in the dermis for younger-looking face (fertilizer, manure, optimized ecosystem, nutrients…).

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