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RejeunesseTM with lidocaine is a sterile, transparent, pyrogen-free, viscoelastic gel of 100% crosslinked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin containing 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride for treatment of wrinkles and folds. The lidocaine provides the patient’s pain reducing effect during treatment.

Rejeunesse Deep offers a fast and long-lasting facial contouring and deep fold removal treatment that is safe, free of pain but effective. Created with the latest production technologies, this is one superb dermal filler that can be applied to different parts of the face to fill medium-to-deep creases in a non-surgical way. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules of the Rejeunesse filler can give any aging face the support it needs to look more youthful.

What is it?

One of the commonly known filler,  Rejeunesse is another Hyaluronic Acid-based filler with an upgraded concentration. Unlike most fillers. Rejeunesse needs to be injected into the mid and deeper layer of your skin. Making it ideal for treating unwanted hollows of your skin, such as wrinkles, folds, and even acne marks. 

It also has high viscoelasticity for a more natural-looking result. 


Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Technology

With its HCCL(High Concentration Cross Linking) technology, viscoelasticity is optimized and thus there is no migration in the tissue after application.


HCCL means high concentration cross linking, it minimized BDDE usage to prevent skin stiffness.
BDDE's role is linking HA, if BDDE is used much for filler, cross linking percentage gets higher. But it gets stiff when injected and side effect percentage also gets higher.

Benefits of Using Rejeunesse Filler

- Non-animal hyaluronic acid & no residual crosslinker.
- Rejeunesse is non-animal based, cross linked dermal filler using BDDE for linking agent.
- Rejeuness product is obtained through our unique BDDE removal process, making it safe and non carcinogenic for humans. Rejeuness contains less than 1.2EU/ml of endotoxins with no BDDE residue detected and it exceeds the highest level of HA purity.
- Rejeunesse is completely free of all animal products thus reducing the risk of an
immunogenic reaction.

- Immediately visible results after application.
- Once injected, HA is gradually broken and absorbed into th body, which is how strongly HA is crosslinked is the crucial to the longevity of the dermal fillers. With unique cross-linking technology, Rejeunesse has longevity over 12months.


- Does not contain animal-based ingredients

- Features a minimal amount of BDDE

- Has gone through a double sterilization process

- Is made of purified HA raw materials


Using such a health-friendly dermal filler comes with many advantages – reduced risk of unwanted reactions, greater durability, and biocompatibility.

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