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Regens Hergen Plus Scalp Nutrition Tonic

Specification: 150ml

Active ingredients: Copper-Tripeptide-1, D-panthenol, Tocopherol |  Tonic Niacinamide 

Efficacy / Effect: Tonic certified by MFDS as a product to help relieve symptoms of hair loss

Hergen Tonic is effective in preventing hair loss and preventing hair loss by supplying nutrients and moisture to the scalp with active ingredients that are good for scalp hair, such as tocopherol acetate, silycylic acid, nicotinamide, and copper tripeptide-1.

Contains ingredients such as D-panthenol, aloe extract, Greentee Exytract, etc. HARGEN PLUS TONIC helps hair become thick and strong, prevents hair loss, stabilizes the hair cycle.

Recommended product for those who have problems such as: more than 80 hairs fall out a day, hair loss due to stress, those who are worried about hair transplant, thin and lifeless hair or want to prevent prevent breakage

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