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Regen S Sun Block

Specification: 50ml 

Active ingredients: Water Lily Flower Extract, Xylidol, Green Tea Extract 

Efficacy / Effect: It helps with UV blocking function and wrinkle improvement, and it is a product that can be used lightly and casually without any greasiness, stickiness, or cloudiness. 

Regen S Sun Block is a product made exclusively for dermatology.

It can be used safely by anyone, regardless of skin type, without any side effects.

It is an oil control sunscreen that not only blocks UV rays but also controls sebum.

In addition, it delivers a soothing effect without irritation, and the feeling is good and moist.

[Features of RegeneS Sunblock]

01. Oil-free sunscreen for sensitive skin : Safe and perfect UV protection for sensitive skin

Contains mild formula mineral oil.


02. Oil control sunscreen that controls sebum: Porous spherical powder for sensitive skin with high sebum secretion

Prevents pores by controlling sebum and oil

Keeps it fresh and smooth.

03. Contains Anti-bac complex: Provides soothing effect without irritation to skin

It reduces sebum and makes the skin clear and smooth.

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