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REGENESS post laser

Specification: 10g, 30g, 60g

Active ingredients: EGF Centella asiatica extract (Centella asiatica extract), ceramide E opioid, allantoin, copper tripeptide-1, panthenol, grape seed oil, etc. 

Efficacy / Effect: Regen SPL Cream is a multi-laser, peeling treatment for spots, spots, freckles, and scars!  Soothes sensitive skin after treatment.  After care, it strengthens the sensitive skin barrier and skin moisturizing film to keep dry skin moist.  Addition of EGF (Human Ligo-Piptide 1) to the existing Centella asiatica extract (dual regeneration effect) 

How does it work ?

Regeness Post Laser Cream can prevent excessive proliferation of fibroblasts as well as protect pigmentation during the scarring process. It is suitable for skin damage caused by various laser operations such as spotting, freckles and scars, preventing skin moisture loss, inflammation, and prevention of infection.

Benefits of Regeness Post Laser Cream:

  • High quality and reputation

  • ​Medical grade cream

  • ​High effectiveness

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Moisturizing

  • ​Skin regenerative


In the healing process of our wounds, cells produce a huge number of growth factors to restore tissue structure. With age, the number of growth factors (fission molecules) begins to decline. As a result, the process of tissue regeneration slows down and the likelihood of “poor-quality” healing of the skin increases, namely: the formation of scars, pigmentation, stagnant spots.


To solve such problems,  Regeness Post Laser Cream  (South Korea) was created. The cream contains peptides, plant extracts, oils, has a light texture, which is well distributed on the skin. The active components are enclosed in tiny nano-capsules, which allows growth factors to reach the dermal layer, where they bind to fibroblast receptors and activate their division. 

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