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Vita-D Inj. 200,000IU

Vita-D Inj. 200,000IU


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Dosage: Use according to the doctor's prescription but adjust the dose according to the level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D in the blood. Adverse reactions increase with overdose, so do not administer more than necessary.
Adult: As cholecalciferol, 200,000 IU is injected intramuscularly.
Adolescent: As cholecalciferol, 200,000 IU is injected intramuscularly.
Elderly: As cholecalciferol, 100,000 IU is injected intramuscularly.
The annual dose should not exceed 600,000 IU as cholecalciferol.
Precautions for use

1. Warning
1) To avoid overdose, take treatment containing vitamin D and food intake enhancing vitamin D level into consideration.
2) Observe calcium level; if the level of serum calcium exceeds 10.5mg/dl or urinary calcium in adults exceeds 4mg/kg day, stop dosing.
3) If calcium intake is high, regularly monitor the blood and calcium level.

2. Do not administer this drug to the following patients: 
1) Patients with hypersensitivity to the components of this drug
2) Patients with hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria
3) Patients with calcium oxalate stones
4) Patients with renal impairment
5) Patients who are immobilized in a hospital bed
6) Sarcoidosis
7) Patients with pseudoparathyroidism

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