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Trimo90  Tonic 120ml

Trimo90 Tonic 120ml



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Certified for Reliable Efficacy Relieving Hair Loss Symptoms

Dexpanthenol: Relief of hair loss symptoms·hair elasticity and hair root strengthening
Salicylic acid: Relief of hair loss symptoms·removal of scalp wastes such as sebum
L-menthol: Relief of hair loss symptoms · scalp sedation and itching prevention

Key Points of Trimo90 Shampoo
Growth factors containing a patented complex HairVax

Growth factors ; VEGF (helpful to hair growth), KGF(helpful to maintenance and strengthening of scalp barrier function), bFGF (helpful to normalization of scalp function)

Peptides ; Copper Tripeptide-1 (healthy scalp and hair care), NP7 (helpful to improvement of scalp blood circulation), Phytopeptide-1 (helpful to improving scalp through scalp sedation)

MOplex Complex ; Complex of 9 patented natural extracts (portulaca, dong quai, fleeceflower, asaroum, biota orientalis, sophora root, lycium, safflower and ginko leaf)

Patent No.: 10-0890464 / Patent Name: Antioxidant herbal distillation composition for hair protection

Key Points of Trimo90 Shampoo
Ingredients carefully selected based on papers on hair loss

Brewer’s Yeast Extract: Rich content of biotin, an essential nutrient for healthy hair
Serena Serrulata Fruit Extract (Saw Palmetto): Scalp care through regulation of sebum secretion
FPSB Complex: Helpful to hair growth

No matter how high the concentration of good ingredients,
what happens if the ingredients are not properly delivered to the scalp?

Tonic of the new concept that compensates for the disadvantages of the spray type, where the active ingredients sprayed on the hair can be wasted, and is used by tapping it directly on the scalp.

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