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SedyFill HA  (Sexy+Body)  Filler 60ccx1V

SedyFill HA (Sexy+Body) Filler 60ccx1V


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It is an injectable filler used to smooth skin and improve body shape. The remarkable efficacy of the product is attributed to the cross-linked HA that make up its composition. In this form, HA produces an optimally dense, viscous solution that is ideal for subcutaneous injections. The additional benefit of polymeric HA is its capacity to bind large amounts of water, which results in deep moisturization and superficial skin smoothening. The product is safe and hypoallergenic because HA is a natural substance. It is useful for reshaping the buttocks and legs, increasing breast size, and treating skin problems that developed after liposuction or considerable weight reduction.


It has optimal viscosity and cohesiveness
The procedure does not need an anesthesia
Promotes long-lasting effect
High quality and purity of the product
Injection marks are almost invisible


Correction of breast shape and size
Replenishment of buttocks volume
Soft tissues recovery after liposuction
Legs shape correction

The effects of the product last from 12-15 months.

1 bottle x 60 ml per pack

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