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Replengen Hyaluronic filler

Replengen Hyaluronic filler




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Replengen ™ Dermal Fillers (designed and manufactured by the South Korean company Glenzen CO. LTD.) Are biodegradable gels containing hyaluronic acid and lidocaine.
Hyaluronic acid is a part of our body, facilitating the movement of joints (plays the role of a kind of lubricant). It also gives the skin firmness and elasticity. Since hyaluronic acid is a related biopolymer for us, it does not cause any serious immunological reactions and is not rejected by tissues.
Lidocaine is an anesthetic, it is added to the filler to reduce painful sensations during injections, thereby increasing the comfort of drug administration.

Fillers Replengen ™ (Replengen) provide almost instant results with a minimum amount of discomfort and rehabilitation period, maintaining the effect from the introduction up to 18 months.

These are innovative fillers used for cosmetic purposes for:
removing scars and stretch marks;
removal of wrinkles around the eyes;
face contouring (correction of the shape of the cheeks, cheekbones, chin);
removal of nasolabial wrinkles;
changing the shape of the lips, increasing them to the desired size.
The Exceptional Benefits of
Replengen ™ Dermal Fillers

Precise treatment
Glenzen has developed an innovative GI (Grinding Irregular) filler technology for its Replengen ™ line of fillers, which allows for uniform and precise injection of the drug in a strictly defined area. Due to this, Replengen fillers provide the maximum effect of reducing the depth of wrinkles and restoring volume after the procedure.

High degree of safety
Only high quality hyaluronic acid produced in Japan by Shiseido company ltd is used in the production of drugs. Up to 40% of Glanzen's costs are spent on departments ensuring that quality and safety standards are met during production. Fillers Replengen are biodegradable gels that decompose without harm in the body and are naturally excreted without a trace within 6-12 months.

Superior quality
Replengen dermal fillers are high quality products created by the best cosmetology specialists in South Korea, in compliance with strict requirements for product quality and safety. Means of well-proven injectable fillers on the market. The product is certified!

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