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Kabellinel 8mlx5v

Kabellinel 8mlx5v


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Fat Reduction Injection #Kabeline

✔︎ Kabeline is a serum solution used for slimming purposes to improve the appearance and regulate the size of fat areas from moderate to severe on the face or body.

✔︎ Kabeline is a trace element product, indicated as a supportive agent in the treatment of obesity. ✔︎ Kabeline provides a natural and sharp contour by reducing excess lipid or fat on the face or body. Outstanding Features


  •  Deoxycholic acid is a fat-dissolving substance approved by the U.S. FDA and is a human bile acid, a byproduct of human gut bacteria metabolism.
  •  Within the human body, deoxycholic acid is used in fat emulsification for absorption in the gut. 


  • Fat cell destruction by deoxycholic acid
  • Deoxycholic acid causes the destruction of normal fat cells on the face or body.
  • Hypotonic dissolution in lipids according to the unique DexLevo formula.
  • The unique solution's formula also triggers the bursting of normal fat cells by leading to excessive water absorption in the cells. Authentic and genuine products available in bulk for beautiful ladies. Inbox me for detailed consultations.
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