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JCaine Lodocaine Cream 500g

JCaine Lodocaine Cream 500g



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Product Description:
J-Cain Cream with Lidocaine is a topical anaesthetic designed to provide effective and reliable pain relief for patients undergoing various medical procedures. This cream combines the benefits of Lidocaine, a potent local anaesthetic, with a carefully curated blend of ingredients that enhance its numbing properties. This cream is white/yellow and is a semi-liquid form, meaning your skin can absorb it faster.

J-Cain Cream has nerve-blocking effects when applied to certain areas. When used correctly, J-Cain Cream guarantees no pain is felt during a procedure.

You should J-Cain Cream at room temperature.

Product Composition:
Lidocaine: 10.56%

The primary benefit of J-Cain Cream with Lidocaine lies in its exceptional pain relief capabilities. When applied to the skin before medical procedures, the Lidocaine in the cream quickly takes effect, desensitising the area and reducing pain perception. The additional special ingredients in the cream work synergistically with Lidocaine to enhance its anaesthetic properties, providing patients with a comfortable experience during treatments.

How To Use J-Cain Cream with Lidocaine:
Before the procedure, the practitioner should cleanse and dry the treatment area thoroughly. Next, they apply an ample amount of J-Cain Cream to the targeted skin area, ensuring even coverage. The cream should be gently massaged into the skin to facilitate absorption. Depending on the specific procedure and patient’s needs, the application time may vary. Following the recommended application time, the qualified practitioner can proceed with the medical procedure.

Side Effects of J-Cain Cream with Lidocaine:
J-Cain Cream with Lidocaine is generally well-tolerated, and side effects are rare when used as directed by a qualified practitioner. However, some patients may experience mild skin irritation or redness at the application site. These effects are usually temporary and resolve on their own. Qualified practitioners should conduct a patch test before use to identify sensitivity in patients.

Other Uses of J-Cain Cream with Lidocaine:
It can be employed for various minor skin procedures, such as needle insertions, vaccinations, and cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers and micro-needling.
J-Cain Cream can also be used to lessen pain and discomfort from insect bits, sunburn, scrapes and scratches.

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