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Glutaone Inj.

Glutaone Inj.


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Glutathione detoxifies compounds that are highly reactive, such as peroxides and electrophiles in the body through spontaneous bonding or reduction(1)(2)(3)
. When human tissues are exposed to certain drugs or their metabolites (such as  Acetaminophen),they lack the ability to produce glutathione to maintain glutathione levels in the body(4)
. An increase of toxic substances in the body is associated with depletion of glutathione

Effect of glutathione on preventing side effects of anticancer drugs

Anticancer drugs, the commonly used platinum drugs, taxanes, epothilones and vinca alkaloids, as well as new drugs such as bortezomib and lenolidamide, have the side effect of Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy/CIPN, which is a major limiting factor for the dose of chemotherapy.
Platinum-based anticancer drugs such as cisplatin, carboplatin and oxaliplatin etc cause neurotoxicity due to the accumulation of by-products, which are included in the drugs, at dorsal root ganglia
.Glutathione is a naturally existing non-toxic, tripeptide(glutamyl-cysteinyl-glycine), and the thionucleophillic portion of its structure has a strong affinity for heavy metals, preventing the peripheral neuropathy caused by cisplatin and axalipatin,and adding glutathione to cisplatin therapy allows higher doses by reducing toxicity

Precautions for use
1. Adverse Effects
1) Anaphylactoid Symptoms : Since anaphylactoid symptoms may be rare, sufficient observation is required. Administration should be discontinued if facial paleness, hypotension, or pulse abnormalities appear.
2) Hypersensitivity: If rare symptoms such as rash appear, administration should be discontinued.
3) Digestive System: Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and stomach ache may rarely occur.

2. Precautions for Use
1) In Preparation : Vial preparations should be used immediately after dissolution.
2) When injected into a muscle, it should be administered carefully, avoiding nerves and blood vessels. In addition, when repeated administration is required, care should be taken not to administer to the same site (especially for infants and children), such as alternate injection into the left and right areas.

3. Precautions for storage and handling
1) The drug should be stored out of the reach of children.
2) If this drug is taken out of the original container and stored in another container, it may cause accidents or deteriorate the quality due to drug misuse, so it is put in the original container while keeping the container tightly closed.

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