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Gitako Inj.

Gitako Inj.


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* Efficacy effect 
1) Cerebral blood circulation disorder and cerebral dystrophy (cerebrovascular insufficiency), brain dysfunction accompanied by the following symptoms: intellectual and perceptual decline, dizziness, tinnitus, headache, visual impairment, memory loss, anxiety, depression, inner ear hearing loss , Decreased hearing and speech due to vascular/metabolic cervical symptoms
2) Arteriosclerotic vasculopathy, diabetic vascular damage in gangrene state, PAOD- (peripheral arterial occlusion disease or intermittent claudication) obstructive endovascularitis, Raynaud's disease and other hormonal factors and peripheral arterial circulation disorders such as neurovascular disorders, vasculopathy, and malnutrition due to vasculopathy.

* Dosage
- Inject 5-10mL per day intramuscularly or intravenously, or inject 15mL every 2 days intravenously.
- For acute treatment: 25 milliliters per day by intravenous or intravenous drip.
- For severe treatment: 25-50 milliliters per day by intravenous or infusion. 

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