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Clair Eyes Polynuckeotide  PN Filler 1syrx 1.1 ml

Clair Eyes Polynuckeotide PN Filler 1syrx 1.1 ml




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It’s inevitable not to make a direct comparison between CLAIReyes and the better known Luli Eyes and Rejuran I. Each of these items is a Sodium Polynucleotide (PN) based filler which is used to restore the skin of the face (and especially in the eye area), to its best condition, bringing back its natural vitality and radiance. However, CLAIReyes managed to provide that at a more competitive price.

The PN which the CLAIR eyes filler is based on is derived from salmon. The Sodium Polynucleotide substance has been proven both in lab testing and in practice, to be overall very beneficial for the epidermis and dermis layers. It is a potent booster of collagen and elastin synthesis, in the skin, and it improves the overall skin health by helping the extracellular matrix to naturally regenerate itself, while at the same time improving the DNS repair and synthesis processes in the skin.

Application of the CLAIReyes PN filler:

  • Powerful anti-age skin solutions
  • Removal of fine wrinkles, smoothing out of the skin
  • Improvements and tone and radiance of the skin, particularly in regard to the removal of dark spots
  • Disappearance of acne and acne related scar tissue
  • Boost of collagen and elastin production and amplifying the self-healing processes of the skin

A box of CLAIR eyes contains a single pre-filled syringe of sterilized Sodium Polynucleotide based filler, with PN concentration of 2mg per ml. Multiple sessions are recommended in order to achieve best and longest lasting results. The optimal application protocol is three or four sessions, spaced anywhere between two and three weeks from each other.

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