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Botulax 100 units

Botulax 100 units


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• Active Ingredient: Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A
• Dose: 100 Units/Vial
• Lessen the appearance of facial wrinkles and even lip fall, big jaw and calves in adults
• Reduction of the appearance of Crow’s feet
• Treatment of hyperhidrosis
• Treatment of cervical dystonia and torticollis
• Treatment of muscle stiffness in the elbows, wrists, fingers, ankles, or toes
• Prevention of chronic migraine headaches in adults
• Management of overactive bladder and incontinence caused by nerve disorders
• Treatment of eye muscle conditions such as strabismus and blepharospasm
• Prophylactic treatment of phantom limb pain & temporomandibular disorder

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