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Shining medihealer 250

Active ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate

Efficacy / Effect: 
Moisture: Increase skin moisture by drawing 218 moisture molecules per single hyaluronic acid molecule

Volume: Rectify volume decrease of inner skin and subcutaneous layer depending on the injection depth

Collagen production: Stimulate fibroblast of the inner skin to stimulate the production of collagen

Antioxidant: Remove harmful Free Radicals caused by UV rays

The age of skin aging along with the loss of body curves and sagging skin with cellulite “Be worry-free with PILLOX Bodyfil volumizer”. Safe and innovative biodegradable body filler

Matchless high purity and high molecule of Bodyfil Volumizer. Certified quality of hyaluronic acid, collagen increase.


Pillox is a hyaluronic acid-based filler for body contouring and volumization. With aging, the level of HA in the skin gradually decreases, which leads to the loss of the body skin elasticity and skin thinning. Pillox can replenish the lost volumes in various body parts. The product has a high HA cross-linking degree, high gel density, and low sensitivity to hyaluronidase for achieving long-term aesthetic results.


Non-surgical / Non-incisional; Natural curves; Verified safety; Customized procedure; Fast return to daily lives after the procedure; Use of high-purity & high molecular best quality HA; Body Curves UP; Self-confidence UP; PILLOX BODYFIL VOLUMIZER ADUCATIONAL MATERIAIS.

Strengths of Pillox:

  • sterile and high-purity product: endotoxin level is below 0.01 EU/ml; residual BDDE is below the detection limit; heavy metal level is lower than 10 ppm

  • completely biocompatible (non-immunogenic, non-inflammatory, and non-toxic) product

  • the filler completely and naturally degrades with time

  • hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin

  • can be used as an additional treatment for enhancing the results of liposuction or injection lipolysis

  • natural-looking volumization effect

  • the product stimulates proliferation of fibroblasts and production of endogenous collagen

Pillox is ideal for body contouring and volumization. The filler is used for deep and ultra-deep injection (subcutaneous and supraperiosteal augmentation).
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