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Pan-B-Comp Inj.

  • Good for memory and helps convert sugar into energy in the body faster while balancing the nervous system

  • Good for the operation of the heart and liver

  • Maintains blood sugar and reduces heart problems

  • Promotes the growth of cells

It contains the B- Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 & B12). Each of these essential vitamins contributes to your overall bodily function. Read on to learn more about how these nutrients benefit you, how much you need, whether you should take supplements, and more.

Supplementation of vitamins contained in this drug or prevention of deficiency in the following cases


1) Physical fatigue
2) Pregnancy and lactation
3) During and after illness 
4) Malnutrition, weight loss
5) Gastrointestinal diseases
6) Neuritis, dermatitis
7) When administering chemotherapeutic agents

Usage · Dosage

Inject 1 ampoule (2mL) intramuscularly or intravenously at a time.
Increase or decrease according to age and symptoms.

Precautions for use

1. Warning Since the ampoule injection can be mixed with glass fragments when cutting the container, which can cause side effects, cut it carefully so that the mixing of glass fragments can be minimized.

2. Do not administer to the following patients.
Patients with hypersensitivity reactions to this drug or components contained in this drug

3. Adverse reactions
1) Shock: Since shock symptoms may occur infrequently, if symptoms such as drop in blood pressure, imitation distress, or breathing difficulties appear, immediately stop administration and take appropriate measures. do
2) Hypersensitivity reaction: Discontinue administration if symptoms such as rash or itchiness appear.
3) Digestive system: Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting may appear.
4) Others: Rarely, fever, chills, fever, itching and tingling around the anus may occur. To prevent these symptoms, increase the electrolyte capacity and slow the injection rate (instillation is preferable).

4. Interaction
Do not use concurrently as it may decrease the action of levodopa.

5. Effect
on clinical test values ​​Yellowing of urine may affect clinical test values.

6. Precautions for application Since
intravenous injection may cause vascular pain, the injection speed should be as slow as possible.

7. Precautions for storage and handling
1) Keep out of reach of children.
2) Avoid direct sunlight and, if possible, keep it tightly closed in a cool place with little moisture.
3) Taking medicines out of their original containers and storing them in other containers may cause accidents due to misuse of medicines or deterioration of the quality of medicines, so put them in their original containers and keep them tightly closed.

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