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Nefopen Inj.

Component: Nefopam HCI 200g per 2mL(1A}
identification: Transparent giass ampoule containing a transparent, fragrance-free iquid

Efficacy / Effect: Symptomatic therapy for acute pain, especially postoperative pain

Storage / Shelf life: Hermetic contaner, stored at roam temperature (1-30) 36 months from the date of manufacture

Packing unit: 2mL x 20Amp

Dosage: Intramuscudar or intravenous injection as Nefopam hydrochloride, 20mg peruse. If necessary, repeat doses every 6 hours, not exceeding 120 mg per day.

For intravenous injectons, administer so why over a period of 15 minutes. After administration, let the patient rest for 15-20 minutes at the bed of the injection, When administered mixed with solutions such as electrolyte or glucose, 30 mg for 4 hours or 40 mg for 6 to 8 hours should be administered in proportion to the administration time. It is recommended not to mix this drug with other drugs. Increase or decrease according to symptoms and age.

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