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KOxyderm OP Cream

Specification: 15ml

Active ingredients: Vitamins with a purity of 98% or more  K1 Oxide 2% 

Efficacy / Effect: 110nm nano liposome system and high content of vitamin K1 faster penetration than meat side, quicker effect, effect due to linkage with vitamins C and E 8, vitamin  Long lasting K1 oxide activity

Nanosomal cream with 2% vitamin K was developed by Korean scientists specifically for the prevention and rapid treatment of post-injection bruises and dark circles under the eyes. Helps to reduce the rehabilitation period after surgery, injection procedures, after laser peeling and resurfacing.


  1. Strengthens small blood vessels, eliminating rosacea and rosacea with regular use

  2. Brightens the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

  3. Intensively regenerates cells after traumatic injection procedures

  4. Strengthens skin turgor, nourishes and moisturizes the skin

Just had surgery? Need help to minimize bruising? Tired of the dark circles under the eyes that don't fade? Then be sure to recommend this cream. Just apply a small amount of vitamin K cream around the eyes several times a day. You will definitely notice the difference and evaluate the effectiveness of this tool.


  1. Phytonadione (Vitamin K) is a fat-soluble vitamin, one of the components of the blood coagulation system, normalizes venous outflow. By participating in the blood coagulation process, vitamin K helps to reduce the capillary network. Minimizes the formation of bruises and dark circles under the eyes.

  2. Centella asiatica has decongestant properties, normalizing microcirculation and enhancing drainage.

  3. Stabilized Vitamin C eliminates age spots, evens out skin tone.

  4. Vitamin E and macadamia oil, possessing antioxidant properties, create a barrier, protecting the skin from negative external factors.

  5. Hydrogenated lecithin is the basis of liposomes and a conductor of the main active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin.

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