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Specification: 100 units
Main Ingredient: Clostridium botulinum toxin type A
Efficacy / Effect: Temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines associated with corrugator and/or procerus muscle activity in adult patients aged between 19 and 65
Storage / Shelf life: Hermetic container, refrigerated(2~8°C) storage 36 months from the date of manufacture
Packing unit: 1 vial/box (100units/vial)

It is a peripheral muscle relaxant based on botulinum toxin type A, produced in accordance with current legislation, an excellent alternative to Korean products such as Botulax or Neuronox.

With its highly purified composition and one-of-a-kind formula, it is equally good at correcting signs of aging and treating a long list of clinical conditions related to muscle spasticity, for example. It has qualities similar to those of Botox and it can be injected into the patient’s face or body.

The aesthetic advantages are very varied: first of all, it smooths the wrinkles associated with high mobility or those associated with muscle spasticity, returning a completely natural face. You will therefore not have the typical expressionless, that is the consequence of this treatment.

In addition, it eliminates lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, it corrects any asymmetries of the face and is useful in case of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).


The results of the treatment vary from patient to patient, but usually down two days after the injection session you can notice the first effects, but there are cases where it takes at least 15 days to see the first benefits.

The effect lasts about two months and the results can be seen two weeks after starting the treatment. The product is presented as a freeze-dried powder in transparent vials.

Thanks to a new generation technology that serves to produce this Botox-like neurotoxic, it can be used as a beauty product or as a medical product thanks to its 99% purity that has been maintained during the production process. 

This makes Hutox a much stronger and more effective drug than other types of botulinum toxin on the market, which is why patients undergoing this type of treatment are mostly satisfied.

It is known that plastic surgery is very invasive and in specific cases can be avoided thanks to botulinum injections in order to achieve a lifting effect without unpleasant scars: all thanks to the natural properties that counteract the contraction of the muscles treated locally.

Another advantage that makes Hutox prefer to scalpel is the power to focus only on certain areas with wrinkles and signs of skin aging on the face. Normally, botulinum toxin takes 10 to 20 minutes to take effect from when injected.

Let's dispel the myth that botulinum is only an anti-aging product: Hutox can be used by doctors for other pathologies, such as spasticity of the lower or upper limbs, or on people who have precise deformities, for example, the equine foot.

The process of treatment and the longevity of the effects are quite similar to those found using the product as anti-aging, i.e. no invasive procedure as it is injected locally into the affected areas.


Glabellar, Periorbital, Perioral, Neck, Armpits, Palms (hyperhidrosis)


  • Selective corrective action that determines the preservation of the naturalness of facial expressions against the background of complete correction of facial wrinkles

  • The sustained therapeutic effect, lasting over time.

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