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High Injection (Sodium Hyaluronate/Prefilled)

Composition: Each 1ml contains: Sodium hyaluronate(EP)…….10mg

Description: Colorless and transparent viscous fluid is filled in a glass tube or plastic tuve corked up and down with rubber stopper

Indication: Treatment of Deformative osteoarthritis of the knees and shoulder periarthritis

Dosage and Administration: For adults, 1 syringe is injected into the cavity of knee joint or shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint, intra-subacromial bursa or intra-biceps tendon sheath) once a week for three weeks consecutively. 
Injection frequency can be adjusted according to symptoms. This medicine is injected intra-articularly therefore shall be adminstrated under strict aseptic operation.

Caution: Refer to the inser paper

How supplied: 2.0ml(1 syringe) x 3

Storage condition and shelf-life: Store in light-resistant hermetic container at 2-25 celcius degree. DO NOT FREEZE. 24 months

Who may need HIGH INJ:

Therapeutic effect:

  • Skin lack of water

  • Cell aging, fine lines, aging

  • Lack of water at the bottom of the muscle, dark and easy to yellow, resulting in color spots

  • Water and oil imbalance, oil light, acne

  • Clogged skin channels and thick pores

  • Cell dry sore, dry crack, rough

  •  effectively improve the wrinkles of face, neck and hand (for fish tail lines, legal lines and other sensitive parts, the stimulation is small);

  • whitening and tender skin, improving dark skin color, effectively replenishing the moisture needed on the cheek, neck, chest, back of hand, lip and so on.

  •  shrink pores, increase elasticity and tighten skin;

  •  full replenishment of water, so that the skin moisturizing, tender, luster, more young and transparent;

  •  dilute the color spot, improve the acne. Effectively target freckles, dark circles, acne, thick pores, improve skin inflammation; maintain fair and tender skin for a long time.

High Inj. is an injection solution for skin rejuvenation containing unstabilized hyaluronic acid (HA). High Inj. solution contains high-quality HA of Japanese production (Shiseido company). Injections of HA replenish the skin hydration level ensuring deep and prolonged moisturization of the skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. High Inj. also evens the skin tone and reduces scars, pigmented spots, and acne blemishes. When injected together with vitamin C, a more pronounced skin brightening effect can be achieved.


Scope of High Inj.: 

  • early signs of aging (fine wrinkles, loss of elasticity)

  • dull and dry skin that requires deep hydration

  • damaged skin due to excessive UV exposure and cosmetic treatment

  • preparation for and rehabilitation after plastic surgery and deep chemical peels

  • undesired skin pigmentation (age-related pigment spots, freckles, solar-induced pigmentation, hormonal pigmentation)

  • acne scars and other skin defects (rosacea, stretch marks)

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