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Hergen TPC

Specification: 5ml + 12V

Active ingredients: Triaminodil, Tetrapeptide-32, Copper-Tripeptide-1, Biotin, D-panthenol 

Efficacy / Effect: Contains FDA-approved ingredients, inhibits DHT activity, and supplies scalp nutrition through proven AHK-Copper and Prohairin GF

HergentiP C is a functional cosmetic for alleviating hair loss symptoms.

It is said to help hair growth and abnormal hair cycle growth, to see hair follicles, and to help form collagen through fibroblasts!

In addition, 17 kinds of amino acid complexes provide intensive nutrition to the hair loss area, block UV rays, and help normalize the scalp damaged by external stimuli.

1. Strengthen hair follicles

Hair loss starts from the hair follicles.

Therefore, hair loss management starts with hair follicles.

Hergen TPC helps promote hair growth in hair follicles by supplying 17 amino acids and 3 low molecular weight proteins to regenerate wounds, scars and damaged tissues on the scalp and to facilitate signal transduction from hair follicles to hair follicles. .


2. Improve the scalp environment

Hergen TPC contains diaminopyrimidine oxide, a minoxidil derivative used for hair loss treatment.

This ingredient stimulates the fibroblasts around the hair follicles to help supply nutrients to the scalp and hair, which are hard and difficult to provide nutrients.


This creates a scalp environment in which hair in the resting phase is gradually reduced and the transition to hair in the growth phase can be made, which is effective in making thin hair thicker and shorter hair longer


3. Hair Growth

The supply of nutrients to abnormal hair follicles, which is the root cause of hair loss, is activated and the hair growth cycle is changed to normalize the hair that has become vellus hair.

Hair Regrowth Hergen TPC helps promote hair regrowth through copper tripeptide & 5 types of peptides.

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