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Specification: 200mg

Active ingredients: PLA (Poly-layic-acid) + HA

Efficacy / Effect: A hybrid product of collagen stimulator and HA filler, which maintains volume with HA until collagen regeneration Uses.

Long-lasting elasticity!  Et-Level PLA + HA ingredients help promote collagen production, improving natural volume and elasticity at the same time.  


It is a biocompatible fine particle that exists in the human body and is completely decomposed in the human body, so it is safe and has excellent durability.- Natural volume through self-collagen production  can be maintained for a long time Elasticity, moisture, skin tone improvement effect.

Based on the idea of delivering PLA(Poly D,L-lactide) microparticles by HA(Sodium Hyaluronate), not only physical supports under skin, Etrebelle improves the fundamental deficiency of volume loss by collagen restoration.




Physical support

Right after injection, Etrebelle takes position and instantly supports the wrinkled area with its HA material.

Meanwhile, included PLA microparticles help HA hydrogel not to migrate from the target area by giving extra cohesiveness with its material property.



After 1month, while HA starts to be hydrolyzed, PLA microparticles promote collagen production and lead to even more elastic skin condition.

The mixture ratio of Etrebelle is remarked from this turning point of each material’s interaction.



After 6month, the final outcome of Etrebelle can be shown which has been gradually biodegraded and restored the skin volume from its physical support to newly synthesized collagen fibers which maintain the natural result over time.

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