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Classification: Medical Devices

Component: Deep, Plus: HA 20mg/mL
Deep plus: HA 24mg/mL

Storage / Shelf life: 2〜25°C/24 Months

Dermalax is a Supreme & Pure monophasic, crosslinked HA soft tissue filler.

Dermalax works by adding volume to facial tissue, thus correcting wrinkles & folds, and restoring a smooth appearance to the face.

It keeps your skin moisturized, stimulates the regeneration of the aged cells, and supports Collagen & Elastin to maintain healthy skin.

What's Dermalax dermal filler Advantage?


This is made up of four new-generation Hyaluronic Acid filler injections that offer excellent quality and an even more excellent value. They were each designed to tackle different problems – from the swift correction of shallow wrinkles such as perioral and periorbital lines and worry lines to medium and deep folds (nasolabial folds) and eye bags. These dependable anti-aging skin fillers make that possible by adding natural-looking volume in the treated sites which successfully reshapes and improves facial contours and smoothens the skin. That same volumizing effect is the reason why these products can also be used for a long list of minimally invasive facial augmentation procedures (of the lips, nose, cheeks and the chin).


The unique HA-based formula of these exceptional products helps the skin to stay properly moisturized and even stimulates skin cells to go through a process of regeneration which boosts the production of Elastin and Collagen.


Soft filters are probably the most versatile type of filler. Their viscoelasticity and excellent flowability makes the prime choice for injection into the soft tissues.


The list of areas where such fillers are injected by doctors includes:

  • Between the eyebrows to treat glabellar lines

  • Near the eyes to remove Crows feet

  • Around the mouth

  • In moderate marionette lines

  • The forehead

  • Usage as a lip filler

  • The ears

Powerful moisturizing effect. Dermalax  not only fills the tissues, but also nourishes them with moisture. As a result, in addition to smoothing wrinkles and improving the relief, the process of cellular self-rejuvenation, the synthesis of elastin and collagen is activated. The most pronounced effect is observed in elderly patients.




Dermalax contains lidocaine. This ensures that the injection is painless. Cosmetologists note the ease of use of the formulations, the quicker and more pronounced manifestation of the effect in comparison with others.


Forehead and Nose Contouring

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