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Dermagen Well Spot

Specification: 20 SPOTS

Active ingredients: Hydrocolloid 

Efficacy / Effect: Hydrocolloid is a mixture of natural gel and hydrophobic synthetic rubber with dimensional properties and absorbs excessive amounts of exudate to provide an optimal moist environment for the skin, and also completely blocks water, bacteria, and dust that cause secondary infections.  box.  After point treatment, apply to acne and pimples

After removal of rashes, dots, small wounds don't shine quickly! Dermagen Wellspot is a hypoallergenic hydrocolloid wet dressing that removes rashes and spots, attaches to small wounds, absorbs purulent exudate, protects the skin and prevents secondary infection.

1. Hydrocolloid & Hypoallergenic Wet Dressing Absorbs purulent exudate as wells as protects wounds! Hydrocolloid will discharge the exudate of excessive skin as a mixture of hydrophilic and hydrophobic natural rubber gel, and to absorb the right amount of purulent exudate provide and optimal wet environment on the skin. In addition, it blocks water, bacteria, dust, etc., which are the cause of secondary injection, and prevents the wounds from coming off.


2. 1.0 cm size & Size of 1.0 cm inconspicuous It can be used unobtrusively with a size of 1.0 cm inconspicuous, and has good adhesion, and lasts for 1 to 2 days when lightly washed. It is also a very thin round type product that allows makeup on a sheet.


3. Hygienic use management It it covered with the primary film for hygienic use when used individually, and the secondary zipper bag allows for more hygienic storage and management.

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