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Dermagen Beads Max

Long lasting with patented MCL technology!

MCL (Multi staged crosslinking) After creating a long-lasting filler hyaluronic acid crosslinking process and fine beads lowering process robust and highly cohesive gel in the phase 3 of a cross-linked technology treatment lasts a longer period of effectiveness.

Safe with MDAWO crosslinker removal technology
Dermagen beads max is safe because it removes residual crosslinker components after the reaction by applying a crosslinker removal technology called multiple Degree Amphiphilic Wash-out technology (MDAWO)

Longer lasting period with proprietary technology of patented Beads Max!

The cross-linked hyaluronic acid is made of a firm, cohesive gel through Dermagen Beads Max™'s unique technology, providing a longer retention period and excellent volume effect.

  • At the heart of Dermagen Beads Max ™'s unique technology is a 3-step micro beading process. 

  • Through the crosslinking process of HA and 3-step micro beading process, the effect lasts longer after the procedure.


Because Dermagen Beads Max™ is highly cohesive, it does not dissolve easily from Hyaluronidase in the body and remains unchanged for a long time


Since Dermagen Beads Max™ is highly viscous, it can retain natural outstanding volume for a long time.

Easy and Safe to Use & Perfect Correction! Safe & Removable & Easy Molding

HA can be safely used without chemical modification despite the high crosslinking rate.


Dermagen Beads Max™ quickly melts in Hyaluronidase, making it easy to correct the procedure.


Dermagen Beads Max ™ has a high cross-linking rate, but its molecular structure is stable and hydrophilic, so it can provide excellent volume effects even at a small amount.


Added Diversity to Unprecedented Volume!

Dermagen Beads Max ™ filler is subdivided into 3 types suitable for the recommended surgical sites

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