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‌Cindella Inj.

Package Unit: 5ml X 10A
Main ingredient: 25mg of Thioctic acid

Efficacy and effect: 

With excellent anti-oxidation efficacy, strengthening metabolism and improving skin condition including improving dark circle, wrinkles, freckles and etc.

Improving action of antioxidant as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q, Glutathione. It has 400 times more antioxidant than Vitamin C,E and restrain harmful oxygen.

  • Lighter Complexion & pigmentation / Anti Oxidants

  • Even Skin Complexion / Anti Pigmentation/Freckles

  • Anti Black Spot/Age Spot

  • Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimples

  • Minimize pores and improves skin complexion

Cindella thioctic acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant that plays a key role in important physiological processes such as neutralizing free radicals, detoxification and also cellular breakdown of proteins. And also It was discovered to have anti-pigment properties through multiple pathways. It cleanses and also flushes out toxins from your liver, bringing back balance into every organ to function properly, thereby enhancing your immunity, to make you healthy inside and also glow outside.

Ingredients and Features:

  • Anti Black Spot/ Age Spot and also

  • Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimples

  • Minimize pores and also improves skin complexion

  • Keep at room temp & also avoid direct sunlight

  • 10 ampoules x 5ml of Cindella (Thioctic Acid 25mg)

  • Lighter Complexion & also pigmentation

  • Anti Oxidants and also

  • Even Skin Complexion

  • Anti Pigmentation and also Freckles


Recommend Cinderella injection to

– Who wants elasticity of skin

– Who wants to improve immunity

– Who wants anti-aging

– Who suffer from swollen


– Brightening skin color as injection tones up the entire face

– Increase skin elasticity and decrease wrinkles

– Feeling less exhausted after daily activity

– Activate fat resolving and effectively reduce body fat

– Regulation of blood glucose causing effects on geriatric diseases

Highly suggested if you want to have:

Not Suitable For:

  • Breast feeder

  • Allergy to vitamin (any kind)

  • Pregnant woman and also

  • Patient with cardiovascular problem

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