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Cell Forever Hair Forest Ampoule

The best hair care Hair Forest ampoule is  effectively injected into the scalp to further activate the hair roots and follicles, and the capacity has been upgraded from 4 to 5 

Cell Forever Hair Forest Ampoule
―Regeneration of damaged hair and dead hair follicles
―Growth factor/thymosin B-4 , IGF , VEGF 
―Hair follicle healing ampoule
―Scalp filler ampoule

MTS roller for

scalp filler ―Scalp filler roller combined with Forest ampoule
―Hair Delivery of growth factors of forest ampoule to hair follicles and hair follicles
ㅡ The body’s self-healing function restores scalp damage

Cell Forever Hair Forest Ampoule
―Highest level of hair life cycle management product
―Regeneration of damaged hair and dead hair follicles
―MTS-exclusive filler that revives dying hair ―Highest
level of hair care ampoule


It contains Multi Growth Factor (complex growth factor) and Peptides (peptides) that maintains and restores the life cycle of the hair root and hair, maintaining essential functions for the life cycle. 

734546_595bf0d9e4014fcca1d791d74887dd9a_mv2 (1).png

​This is an anti-losing MTS filler ampoule optimized for hair that regenerates dead hair follicles by activating damaged hair follicles to continuously form strong and abundant hair.

How to use MTS using microneedle is very simple.

The thickness of the scalp layer is 0.2 mm.
When you press and rub the skin with MTS, the needle injects the ingredients of the ampoule directly into the skin layer with a fine needle.

MTS equipment itself is difficult to make and
expensive, so it was difficult for the general public to use it, but now using its own technology,  you can expect great effects at home.


Those who have used the hair ampoule introduced 
feel the effect because it is injected directly using a microneedle .

How to use is simple.

After using the Peptide Energy Shampoo, prepare the Cell Forever Hair Forest Ampoule for the clean hair that cleared the clogged scalp

Remove the cap,  prepare MTS for scalp filler, and insert the two, and they are combined simply.

See the very thin needle-shaped MTS?
The hair forest liquid enters the scalp while rubbing it on the scalp in a roller form  . Shake the ampoule once or twice or tap the back of the bottle to deliver it from the ampoule to the MTS.

734546_96643e6d098647dd80dc2631969e6662_mv2 (1).png
734546_00f97b1cb0f747f4b6caf87000e44656_mv2 (1).png
734546_a7346397999b4270acf1452b3c9ecb36_mv2 (1).png
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